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‘Certificate Course In Medcine & Law – For Doctors’ is designed to make doctors aware of medical laws and precautions that should to be taken in day-to-day practice to minimize MedLegal risks. Special emphasis is laid on appropriate response in case of medical mishaps and emergencies.

The Course helps doctors remain updated on the most important, relevant, and fundamental principles of laws applicable to medical practice. It comprises of 6 modules, namely; Standard of Care, Duty of Care, Confidentiality, Consent, What is Medical Negligence, and Criminal Liability & Arrest of Doctors. You can download the Curriculum to know complete details of chapters covered under these modules.

Structured around pre-identified 'Do's & Don’ts' covering important aspects of respective topic, the Course content is 100% evidence based wherein professional errors are identified as well as illustrated only through 'real' cases from Indian courts.

Practicing doctors, interns, postgraduate students, final year MBBS students. Doctors and medical students who have done or are pursuing BDS, BHMS, BAMS or any other medical degree are ineligible for this course and should not apply.

Students are evaluated by assignments which comprises of situation based questions and multiple choice answers.

  •   Duration:60 Days
  •   Fee: 9900/-
    (inclusive of GST)
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