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Certificate Course in Telemedicine Laws

IML offers courses designed to make doctors aware of the laws relating to medicine and precautions that must be taken in their day-to-day practice to minimize MedLegal risks. Special emphasis is laid on appropriate response in case of medical mishaps and emergencies.

This Certificate Course in Telemedicine is structured around the legal aspects including the guidelines issued by the Board of Governors (India) and the practical problems faced by a doctor while practicing using Tele consultation.

  • Course based on the new guidelines in Telemedicine
  • 2D animated course (90 mins)
  • Interlaced with Videos by MedLegal experts
  • Simple language and easy to understand
  • Completely online, start-stop at any point
  • MCQ bases assessment at end of the course
  • Comes from the MOST credible “Institute of Medicine & Law”

Practicing doctors, interns, postgraduate students, final year MBBS students. Doctors and medical students who have done or are pursuing BDS, BHMS, BAMS or any other medical degree are ineligible for this course and should not apply.

This course from the Institute of Medicine & Law intends to update doctors on the laws, guidelines and practice related aspects while using Telemedicine for consultation. This course comprises of 9 modules, Introduction, Permissions/Prohibitions, Guiding Principle, Procedural Do’s & Don’ts, Clinical Do’s & Don’ts, Permitted Drugs (lists), Audio / Video Etiquettes & Causes of Concern.

The course material is video based and consists of 2D animation and intermittent talks by MedLegal experts on important topics.

There is a single assignment at the end of the course that comprises of questions and multiple-choice answers. Only successful candidates will be certified.

  •   Duration:30 Days
  •   Fee: 2500/-
    (inclusive of GST)

  • Combo Offer 20%
  • Buy Along with Reference Book Telemedicine for Doctors
  •   4000/-

    (inclusive of GST)
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